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Free Blank Invoice Template

Create and customize professional invoices with our free printable blank invoice templates. Or, take your invoicing to the next level with Billdu's Online Invoice Generator.

download one of our blank invoice templates

Looking for blank simple template for your business? Choose one of the editable templates below and download it in format that suits you the best.

blank invoice template example

blank template

Download the template layout in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

blank invoice template layout

Blank template

Download the template layout in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

The Best Ways to Create Professional Invoices

Download and customize free blank invoice template examples, or create stunning invoices with personalized layouts with Billdu's Invoice Maker. The choice is yours. Read more about each option below.

Free Invoice Templates

We offer a variety of invoice templates you can use to create professional invoices with your unique brand identity. Each is available for download and editing in MS Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Docs to best suit your needs. All of Billdu's blank invoice templates are pre-packaged with the necessary fillable elements and printable from the get-go. 

Alternatively, you can download one of our country-specific self-employed blank invoice templates to simplify the process even further. If you're interested, check out UK Invoice Template, Australia Invoice Template, or New Zealand Invoice Template.

Billdu Invoice Maker

If you don't feel like editing blank invoice templates in Word or Excel, choose Billdu's Invoice Maker. Our free invoice generator lets you create stunning invoices with unique branding elements in seconds and clicks. All you need to do is choose the template, fill in the blanks, and hit send!

And if you like to have all your documents in one place, check out the Billdu Invoicing App. Our software allows you to create almost any document you may need, including quotes, estimates, invoices, and more. Furthermore, you can keep track of all your expenses in the dashboard, add Card Payments to your forms, and use many other features to turn your invoicing into a walk in the park.


Do you want to do more than just generate documents with simple invoice templates? Is your business growing and you want to keep it organized? The Billdu mobile and web app can help you with all of that.

Invoice maker on the go


Create your invoice templates directly in our app and keep your documents at one place and access them whenever you like. You can try it out with 30-days free trial.

faster payments


Add a Pay Now button to the bill template and get paid up to 9 days sooner by accepting payments from online payment services. Nothing cheers up more than a settled bill!

Online invoice creator - handy dashboard with overview of invoices, expenses and balance


Don't limit yourself with invoices only. Create estimates, quotes, delivery notes and more. Keep the track with our dashboard that gives you the greatest comfort for operating and monitoring your business.

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