10 Best Apps For Tracking Business Expenses

If you are a small business then it is crucial to have every bit of your expense managed. Since automation and cloud storage are coming more into the mainstream, small business owners are taking full advantage of them to run their small businesses succeed.

The pandemic has seen a huge growth in small businesses as more and more started to invest their time into their passion project. With hundreds of small businesses currently on the internet, you must invest in things smartly to make your small business stand out. Investing in business expense tracking apps could be one of them.

Most small business owners are single-handedly running their business, so they must invest only in one of the best business expense tracking apps to have every detail of the expenses on their smartphones.

Small business owners have to go through all sorts of expenses themselves, right from rent, utilities to types of equipment, inventory, license, and even insurance expenses, to make sure they stay within their secured budget is best f they invest in one of the best apps for tracking business expenses. This guide will provide them with some of the best apps to track business expenses to maintain the finances of their small businesses.

Reasons for trying out business expense tracking apps

Why should small business owners invest in an app for tracking business expenses?

It effectively eliminates paperwork

One of the most common reasons for investing in business expenses tracking apps to avoid paperwork because let’s face it, if you happen to own a small business then paperwork takes up almost all of your time. It also significantly reduces the risk of having any errors or delays in submitting expenses and invoices.

Accessible anywhere anytime

When you decide to invest in one of the best business tracking apps, you are automatically entitled to access your expenses report anywhere and at any time of the day. the cloud-based storage facilitates the accessibility, submission, and approval of expense reports at all times of the day without even having to be in your workstation. It provides small business owners with flexibility and workforce mobility.

Say goodbye to data losses

The most common problem experienced with handling physical financial reports through paperwork is that they often get misplaced.  Losing or misplacing expense receipts not only disrupts the tracking of finances but also creates a gap. Investing in a good business expense tracking app will allow you to scan receipts at all times so you longer have to wait till you return to your workspace.

Create financial awareness

Effective tracking apps will create financial awareness because you will be having the receipt and knowledge about all the expenses that had taken place in your small business.  You will be making better business decisions now that you have the entire expense report of your small business. Here are the 10 best apps for tracking business expenses.

Best apps for tracking business expenses


One of the best apps for tracking business expenses, Billdu lets you scan all your receipts and bills in real-time with its scanner, inbuilt into their iOS and Android apps. All your bills will remain in order and you can access any of the bills at any given time of the day. Billdu is available as an online app or an app for iPhone or Android.

Billdu is more than an expense tracking app – it contains an invoice maker that can take care of issuing invoices, including recurrent invoices. The app has been designed keeping in mind the convenience of the users; the interface is extremely friendly and simple and allows you to maintain your entire financial reports without any trouble.

The Billdu app is one of the best apps for tracking business expenses. Actually, we believe that it is the best expense tracking app available on the market. It would be weird if we haven’t thought that, wouldn’t it? 🙂 Billdu is very affordable, a standard monthly plan is cheaper than your next Starbucks coffee run. You can choose your desired package after you go through our risk-free trial.

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This tracking app has been designed to keep a record of all your bills and receipts, not only the ones involved in your small business but also, travel expenses, credit and debit card bills. The interface is simple and all you require is your smartphone to scan and record the bills, manage the reports and calculate the total expense. The mobile app management has been created to allow small business owners to conveniently manage both their business expense and their personal expenses, all together in a single app.

The app provides cloud storage of around 5 GB, facilitates the use of multi-currencies, provides several project tracking features, and even allows small business owners to sync their credit and debit cards. The apps allow business owners to easily send receipts to customers and also save the receipts without any fuss. The Zoho Expenses Mobile app has a pricing of $3 per user every month. You can choose the plan that caters to your needs after you go through their 20-day free trial.


This online software has been designed to manage your business expenses, customer invoices and even calculate a project’s profitability. It is perfect for small businesses and helps small business owners to manage their finances and prepare them for taxes effectively.  The app allows owners to connect with banks and accept bank transfers in the invoice.

The app allows transactions in over 145 different currencies. The app’s inbuilt project tracking feature is quite noteworthy along with its tracking of incoming and outgoing VAT. The app is even designed to generate a VAT report.

The app has a 30 day free trial period for all its potential users. You can customize the app according to your needs and convenience. The app comes with high-quality inventory management features. The pricing of Intuit QuickBooks mobile app is very pocket-friendly; it starts with just $7.50 per month and the highest plan cost around $45 per month, although it comes with its own set of perks.

BizXpense Tracker

One of the best apps for tracking business expenses if you happen to be a small business owner. You have the option to monitor and manage the time you spend on each project and can even customize the app according to your needs.

BizXpense Tracker app allows you to save your expense report in the form of PDF or even CSV. Along with the standard calculation, organization, and management of receipts and bills, the app also allows you to calculate the working hours of your employee if you have any, and even their overtime hours. You have the option to send the invoices via mail to your clients or even submit them in dropbox, depending on the convenience.

The app has several features, multi-currency transactions and allowing small business owners to send over their expense reports being two of the most important. The app is extremely easy to set up and has excellent customer support. One of the best apps for tracking business expenses, the BizXpense Tracker app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphone users and is available at a monthly cost of $6.99, which is extremely affordable if you happen to be a small business owner on a tight budget.

Business expense tracking apps overview


Designed to not only track expenses but also report the expenses, this app generates your expense report the second you import your credit or debit card transactions. The app has been designed to integrate with several other applications including Uber, Revel, and Oracle among others. The app allows you to store the receipt for as long as you want after you scan them into the app. You will be allowed to organize your receipts according to dates to maintain distinct transparency about your finances.

It is one of the best business expenses tracking apps because it has many features. Multi-currency transactions and permission to let multiple users operate the app from one single account being two of them. You even have the power to submit your reports to an auditor. It has been created with one f the most advanced Tax tracking features that help you to calculate tax reports for your clients and even you as a small business owner.

The app has a very user-friendly interface and is quite easy to manage. This app is compatible with the majority of smartphone users as it has been designed to cater the iOS, Android, and even Windows users among others. The pricing of the app is quite affordable starting right from $4.99 per month.

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One of the best apps for tracking business expenses, Shoeboxed helps small business owners to effectively scan the receipts and bills and extract crucial data from those to create an expense report. The app also helps to conveniently manage and organize the documentation of your finances digitally. The mobile app allows small business owners to send images of the receipts instantly to the clients. The app has been designed to help in the easy calculation of tax filling and reduces taxes and eliminates the extra paperwork.

Integrated with other apps used for documentation including Evernote, QuickBooks, and even HP; Shoeboxed houses several important invoicing features. It makes receipts audit-ready the moment you scan them into the app. You will be able to send or even receive receipts and bills via Gmail. The apps allow small business owners to conveniently organize the receipts and digitize them without having to worry about data loss. Shoeboxed has a pricing plan that starts from $22 per month.


Also one of the best business expense tracking apps, Rydoo is a cloud-based tracking app that lets you manage your expenses neatly along with a reporting solution for all your business expenses. It is designed in nine different languages and is efficient for all types of business, right from small businesses to medium businesses to big multi-national companies. The app’s webs scanner lets you scan the receipts and import them to your Rydoo account instantly. It effectively helps small business owners to generate a monthly or even weekly expense report.

Rydoo comes with many noteworthy features, it offers Its users integration with multiple apps required for the import of documents including dropbox, oracle, Xero, and  Slack among others. Designed to let people scan multiple receipts at a go, the app has an extremely simple interface and is extremely easy to manage and run. It eliminates wastage of time by automated approval and allows users to store every piece of a document on the cloud to prevent any possible data misplacements or even losses.

This highly compatible mobile app has very cheap pricing plans, right from $7 per month to customizable plans depending on how big your company is and the number of users it requires.

10 best apps for tracking business expenses

Concur Mobile

This app allows the users to receive and record business expenses from multiple different sources and organizes them neatly before generating expense reports for your small business.  This app is perfect for those whose business compels them to travel a lot because it has a feature to book tickets, hotel, or even track the places you are going to about your business.

The app has a very neat dashboard that allows you via all your business expenses together. There are more than 25 different templates that you can choose depending on your preference. You can integrate your credit card to import the expenses. You will be able to track your travel expenses and attach them with your business expense if your business makes you travel to different places.

It is suitable for all types and sizes of businesses and conveniently allows users to manage their expenses. The app has automated software to generate expense reports without the users having to fuss about it. This compatible business expense tracking app has two pricing plans, one that costs around $8 per month and another which is customizable depending on the user’s needs and wants.


Freshbooks is again one of the best apps for tracking business expenses which have cloud storage. It is perfect for small business owners who want to have an app that helps them with time tracking, importing, managing, and organizing receipts and bills and create an expense report thereafter. If you happen to be a small business owner, then you can invest in the services provided by Freshbooks to manage and organize your finances.

The app lets you create invoices for every client that you offer your services. The invoicing software provided by Freshbooks is top-notch and make sure every invoice generated by you is customized with your company’s logo and name.

The app accepts different payment methods including credit-debit card payments, online payments through bank transfers, or even e-checks. It also manages entries, trial balances, ledgers, and balances sheets quite effectively. The app also has a feature to generate recurring invoices generate reports which match the professional standards and even organize and calculate taxes correctly.

Freshbooks has several features including time tracking software that allows you to track the time you spend on each project, accounting features that make sure financial reports are created automatically, and even chat with your clients before sending them professional-looking invoices.

The app is extremely easy to use and simple to comprehend due to its simple interface. It reduces the chances of data loss to almost zero. The app is available at different pricing plans starting from $7.50 per month to a customizable pricing plan for businesses that have a huge profit margin.

Personal Capital

One of the best apps for tracking business expenses, personal capital not only allows you to monitor and create expense reports for your business but also gives you financial advice for free. The wealth management feature of the Personal Capital app lets you manage your business expenses through a single dashboard. The financial advisor helps you to review your expenses and investments, make the right financial decisions and draw up the best financial plan suiting your needs.

The app lets its users customize their portfolio, monitor and balance the expenses very efficiently. One of the most noteworthy features of this app is that it lets you see your entire expense report on a single dashboard. You will be able to see your cash flow through your account and even optimize your taxes.

Personal Capital helps you to manage all types of expenses without having to customize your account. The app is simple to use and lets you calculate your net worth, assets, and liabilities without any fuss at all. The pricing of Personal Capital depends on the amount of your balance.

When choosing an app to track your business expense, make sure you are looking for only the best in the market. Presently the best apps for tracking business expenses will allow you to generate invoices for different clients who decide to avail of your services.

In case you are looking for an app that lets you not only generate invoices but also manage and create expense reports, then the above apps could be the right fit for you. Just choose the one which caters to all your needs as a small business owner and helps you to effectively manage your business expense every day.

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