5 Must-Have Apps For a Modern Entrepreneur

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Today, we want to present you a couple of apps that – according to our humble opinion – should be in every small business owner’s smartphone. Or at least in the smartphones of those, who do business in the digital world or have an own website/e-shop. There are hundreds of apps and solutions for everyday problems. That’s how the App Store and Play Store look like nowadays. Yet the trend to have 100+ different apps installed for every use-case is slowly fading away. Developers are concentrating their efforts on complete sets of features and on packaging them in simple and easy to use interfaces. Here are our favorites:


“For anyone, who needs access to their business even when out of office. Complete management of your agenda, directly in your pocket.” This is the motto of Billdu, an app that lets you create, print and send invoices on the go. Additionally, you can create estimates, credit notes and proforma invoices, keep track of your costs and bills and view various statistics. This one is certainly a must-have for those who do their business outside of an office or for those, who simply need to keep track of it, even when traveling.

Download Billdu for you mobile device:


Visualizing your ideas is the most powerful way to communicate them to others. With MindMeister’s built-in presentation mode you turn mind maps into beautiful, dynamic slideshows within seconds. As soon as you’re done you can export the slides as PNGs, embed the whole presentation on your website, or even broadcast it live to your collaborators online.

Download Mindmeister for your mobile device:


Your presence on various social sites is almost absolutely necessary, mainly because of effective communication with your clients and customers. All your accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and others can be managed from one application – Hootsuite. The app is free for up to 3 social accounts, which can be completely controlled. Automatic publishing of posts, statistics and conversions – all that thanks to Hootsuite and in the palm of your hand. If you are looking for more convenient options, many other alternatives to Hootsuite are available in the market.

Download Hootsuite for your mobile device:

Toggle Timer

Almost any activity is trackable and in most cases time is the one thing you need or should keep track of. Toggl is a popular app for time tracking of your various activities and mainly serves as a tool for transparency towards clients, the simple management of the working hours of your employees or for the growth of your personal productivity. Its main features include a cloud solution for saving data, a simple and clear input of tasks and their state of completion. Export of reports and schedules, synchronization between the mobile and web app and cost-free use for teams of up to 5 peop

Download Toggl for your mobile device:


Evernote is at first glance a simple note taking app, yet with its in-depth note management and formatting, you can use it for practically anything. Task lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, or notes, you name it! It works cross-platform on your PC and mobile device and the only downside is, that it can be a little complicated for some people.

Download Evernote for your mobile device:

These apps have an almost universal character of use and surely, most of you will find them effective. Of course, there are others – many more great and practical applications for your smart devices. Depending on the niche in which you operate, maybe other types of apps would suit you better. Hopefully, we have shown you, at least one, which you didn’t know until now and one that will make your business and life easier. If you have your own tips and recommendations for great apps, that no business owner should overlook, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.