How to Stay Productive During Vacation

Plans made, things packed and waiting for that last tick on the clock, before you leave for your long awaited vacation? Or maybe you’re already on vacation and enjoying the sun? As all modern entrepreneurs know all too well – vacation is an illusionary concept in nowadays’ world of smartphones and 24/7 communication means. Your company has to stay active even when you leave, whether you’re running a team or just flying solo. So, how to stay on top of your game even on vacation and still get to enjoy the time away from the office? Billdu’s got some tips for you.

1. Set up realistic expectations

You have to have realistic expectations towards yourself, as others should too. Do not try to be in full working mode while on vacation, rather set some basic rules and guidelines in regards to your workload, active and inactive time and your availability on the phone and per mail. This will help others to know what they can expect from you while you’re away, as well as relieve your overactive mind while sunbathing.

2. Don’t concern yourself with achieving a “zero inbox”

A cluttered inbox can be a nightmare for many entrepreneurs, but you shouldn’t waste time on this any longer than you have to. An email will wait while you’re on your vacation. Your nerves and inner peace won’t.

3. Check your deadlines

If you have a lot of looming deadlines, try checking if they are not false or flexible, maybe you’re just working towards a deadline that you set up for yourself while in reality, the deadline may be much further. If this is not the case and you’re still stressing about them, try rearranging your deadlines and communicate the new date of delivery in a professional manner.

4. Plan your first day back

Many entrepreneurs try to work until the last minute before their vacation, cramming every meeting in for the last day and trying to finish those last few things. This often results in frantic and counterproductive multitasking and actually lowers your productivity in the long run. Instead, plan your first work day back now and clearly state what responsibilities and tasks you’ll have to take on immediately after getting back. Additionally, leave the last day before your vacation meeting-free. That way, you can concentrate on wrapping things up instead of trying to meet the needs of everyone on the last day before you leave.

5. Identify your energy peak

Some of you have maybe already identified your energy peaks – times of the day, in which you’re at your best and tend to achieve the most. These energy peaks will be different in the summer than during your normal day-to-day routine. Try successfully identify them on your first day away in a way, you’ll know when to schedule your working hours and when to enter vacation mode.

6. Use tools for entrepreneurs on-the-go

There are many tools which stand out in the on-the-go market and which let you stay connected and productive. With our own Billdu invoicing app, you can keep a clear overview of your business, issue invoices for your clients and much more – all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Along with other useful apps, you can access your business comfortably from afar and still be productive.

Hopefully, you’ve taken away enough to enjoy your vacation fully, yet still stay productive and not waste time stressing about deadlines, when you could be having cocktails at the beach bar or something similar. If you set your mind right and plan things ahead, we assure you that you’ll accomplish it without difficulties. Share your vacation experience along with your own tips in the comments below and don’t forget to share and subscribe.