Why Every Business Needs an Online Invoice Tool

Crunching numbers for your business manually isn’t the best option. Don’t miss out on why every business should switch to an online invoice tool.

The last year has flown by. That little side gig you started ten months ago has grown… and grown. When you stop to think about the time you’ve put in… you realize it takes up most of your day.

Well, guess what? You’re a business owner!

While it’s initially easy to plug in your outgoing expenses and income, as you gain more clients you will want an online invoice tool to track these for you.

We get it. You’re self-sufficient. Why pay for a service that you can do yourself?

As a new business owner (or a long time one), your ability to automate as much as you can affects your bottom line. Curious to hear more?

Read on to discover how an online invoice tool will benefit your business and help it grow.

Be Part of the 40%

Did you know that only forty percent of small businesses survive past five years? I bet you want to know thier secret…Utilizing An Online Invoice Tool is What Set Them Apart.

Utilizing An Online Invoice Tool is What Set Them Apart.

If you’re a creative that has a constant flow of work, but that, er… business stuff you leave up to your accountant, you’ll want to listen to this:

A sad fact about new smaller businesses is that a mere forty percent survive for the long haul.

Want to know why?

Their owners have no problem getting work to come through the door. However, when it comes to cash flow, they have no idea where they stand.

Having a basic knowledge of how much is going out and coming in is imperative to your business staying afloat. Too many small businesses fail due to lack of business acumen and basic accounting.

By utilizing an online invoice tool, you not only demystify the small business accounting, but you simplify the process. Take the hard labor out of it allow the efficiency of these online tools to do the work for you.

Time is of the Essence

Lack of focus can kill a small business in its tracks. It is imperative that the ‘busy work’ such as keeping track of invoices, as well as generating them is an automated task. Also, by generating them you make sure all standard parts are present on the invoice. Time flies by when you are building your business. You want to generate income and brand recognition as soon as possible.

By integrating an online invoice tool into your business, you are able to hand off this necessary part of your business and focus on the task of working and marketing your business to new potential clients.

When generating a manual invoice, errors can easily occur. You might inadvertently write down the wrong numbers. The invoice might get lost in the mail. It might not get logged correctly.

These and a number of other mishaps could occur that make manual invoicing a time-consuming and error fraught part of your business.

By incorporating an online invoice tool you are automating this annoying part of your working day. The invoice is generated and emailed automatically. Your books are balanced and organized.

Leave It to the Cloud

With the online invoice tool, you no longer have to keep track of all of your invoices. No more scanning, no more filing. These are automatically uploaded into the cloud, which files them away for you to access at any time!

Ready to see your accountant? Find your stored data anytime in the secure cloud application and email it over!

Simplify Invoicing…Track Payments

You know that end-of-the-year headache? It starts when you schedule your annual meeting with your accountant. For months you agonize over it until… the night before, you scavenge through the pile of papers on your desk.

Searching… for… invoices. So that you can pull together what you THINK you made for the year. Your accounting doesn’t match your bank statements.

Let’s face it. It’s all a hot mess.

With an online invoice tool, you take the furious gathering of invoices and the messy accounting methods out of the scenario.

You present your accountant with one concise document each year. No more stress. No more headaches.

Pull Up That Invoice Anytime, Anywhere

Are you an on-the-go professional? Thanks to technology, many small business owners are mobile. They are able to complete their work from anywhere.

If you’re concerned about the ability to generate invoices while you’re away from the office, by using an online invoice tool, you can easily generate invoices from your laptop or phone. An even greater feature? You can generate invoices offline!

Add Eco-Conscious to Your List

With all of today’s online technologies, the old habit of printing out reams of paper doesn’t hold up anymore. With everything uploaded into your online invoice tool, all of your data will be easily accessible online.

No more clutter. No more wasteful printing. By utilizing this effortless tool, you’re not only doing yourself a favor by minimizing clutter, you’re running an environmentally friendly business.

Don’t Miss Out on Growing Your Business

While your online invoice tool automates the hassle-filled side of your business, added features allow you to:

  • Gather feedback and ratings on your services.
  • Utilize analytics features to measure the overall performance of your business.
  • Save client data in an organized fashion, enabling quick communication as well as labeling capabilities for those old timey holiday cards you’re so fond of sending.
  • Send data to your accountant with the click of a button. Long gone are the days of paper receipts in a shoebox – all the data is organized in one neat email!
  • Track inventory – you will know how much is going in and how much is sold.
  • Receive payments fast! No more snail-mail. Automate electronic invoice and bill payments.
  • Create estimates for future work! Professional estimates can easily be generated for new or returning clients.

You Had Me at Hassle-Free!

Have we drilled our point through yet? By incorporating an online invoice tool into your small (or large) business, you are setting yourself up for success. Focus on the important parts of growing your business and providing great products and services. Your new online invoice technology will take care of the rest.

Ready to test it out?

We know you are! To get started, simply check us out here. And congratulations! You’re freeing up your time so that your business can grow.

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