Big news: Introducing Billdu apps

Billdu started out as a simple invoicing app. Over the years, Billdu has grown to include other features such as Online Booking, Online Store and Instant Website. These features, among others, became more familiar with our users. 

However, we believe that each of these features deserves more of our attention, and that, with more effort, we can make them better and easier to use for our users.

With this in mind, we decided to build separated apps around these features – Appointments & Booking, Ecommerce Store, and Instant Website. By doing that, we can focus on perfecting each individual app, ensuring we will deliver exceptional functionality and a seamless user experience. 

We actively listen to our users and we take into consideration their interest in these features, so that gives us space to fine-tune and optimize them specifically for small business owner’s requirements. All apps will be interconnected with hassle-free access to all key functionalities. This means you can start reviewing booking in one app and transforming it into the invoice in another without even noticing it!

Billdu apps ecosystem

invoice maker

Invoice maker still presents the core of the Billdu app ecosystem. It’s our invoicing app where you can create invoices and other documents such as estimates, pro forma invoices and more with just a few clicks. It helps you streamline your business by enabling online payments, sending payment reminders to your clients and many more. Features you can enjoy with Invoice maker app are:

  • Generating invoices (with multiple templates)
  • Generating estimates, pro forma invoices, and delivery notes
  • Automated reminders and other client communication
  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • Database of clients, services, and products

Invoice maker app

Invoice maker can be downloaded right away from either the App Store or Google Play starting from 5.99$/month per user with a 30-day Free Trial.

If you are currently using the Online booking, Online store, or Instant Website features within our Invoice Maker app, we kindly encourage you to read more about how this upcoming change will affect you.

appointments & booking

Appointments & Booking app will let clients book your services online. Whether you’re providing services at your business location, customer’s place or even online, this app is designed to fit your business needs. Select your team size, add your working hours, and describe all your provided services. These are main features that can be found in Appointments & Booking app:

  • Online booking (with payments)
  • Manually creating appointments
  • Booking notifications and reminders
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Database of clients, services, and products

Appointmens Booking app

We plan to release the app soon starting from 8.33$/month per user with a 30-day Free Trial.

ecommerce store

Start selling products online instantly with our Ecommerce Store app. Add products in a snap, enable online payments and launch your store. These are some of the features that you can do in our Ecommerce Store app:

  • Online selling
  • Customisable shipping rates
  • Tracking the payment and delivery of online orders
  • Inventory tracking

Eccommerce Store app

We plan to release the app soon starting from 8.33$/month per user with a 30-day Free Trial.

instant website

Establish your business online presence effortlessly with our free Instant Website app. With its user-friendly interface you can build and customize a professional website within minutes. Showcase your business, highlight your services or products, and engage with your audience, all without the need for any coding knowledge. Instant Website app offers these options:

  • Customisable website for your business
  • Social media links 
  • Contact information
  • Opening hours 
  • Online booking flow
  • Online selling flow
  • Quote requests

Instant Website

We plan to release the app soon for free.

If you have any additional questions, please read more about this change in our FAQ guide.

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