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May 23, 2023

The impact of digitization on business is becoming more and more visible. Companies now not only communicate electronically but also use them to send invoices. This is confirmed by the statistics presented by Online invoices. It states that currently, the share of online accounts in their total number is 20.4%. However, it is expected that by 2027 the indicators will increase significantly (up to a record 80%).

This is not surprising, because this method of sending financial documentation has a number of advantages. It helps to save money on sending via regular postal services and speeds up the process significantly. Despite this, some companies still do not dare to switch to this method. The reason is often simple – insufficient knowledge about it. So, we suggest you learn what an online account is and how to write it correctly.

What elements should an invoice email contain?

Before learning about the components of a letter, it is worth paying attention to the main component – the email address. Sometimes it happens that the data of the person to whom the invoice will be sent is missing or out of date. In this case, you can use a specialized platform, such as Findymail. Services of this type allow you to find a verified and working email address in a few minutes.

When this issue is resolved, you can move on to creating a template for the letter. It is formed by each company individually. After all, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of business and works that require payment. However, the basis can be created from several of the most common elements.


This information is an important part of the invoice email. It enables the addressee to learn about the sender. In addition, he needs contact information in case of certain questions or the need to clarify payment details. That is why it is worth specifying several methods of communication in the letter. This can be an e-mail address, as well as the phone number of the company or the responsible person.

Terms allocated for payment

You must inform the person about the period during which they can pay the invoice. Without this data, the document can be considered incomplete. In addition, their absence may cause a delay in payments. It is worth noting that this is a common problem in this area.

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According to statistics reported on ShareSpace, 39% of all invoices sent to the US are paid late. That is why it is important to specify the exact term and, if necessary, to justify it correctly, so that the addressee understands the importance of payments by the specified date.

Elements of business branding

They are needed for two reasons. The first is that the recipient of the letter understands who sent the invoice. The second reason is to increase recognition. When people see brand design elements or symbols built by UI/ UX design services, they have certain associations. This helps to better remember the name and overall style of the company.

List of ordered services or purchased goods

This is a mandatory part of any invoice, including one that is sent by email. The addressee should see a detailed list of what he needs to transfer payment for. Otherwise, misunderstandings and unforeseen situations may arise, and payment may be delayed. If you are selling your services by the hour, a Google Chrome time tracking app can help you figure out how many hours to bill.

Factor account identification number

The document ID must also be specified in the e-mail. This element is primarily needed for self-reporting. In this way, it is possible to streamline the process and, if necessary, be able to find the relevant document in your databases. In addition, if the addressee asks specific questions about the invoice, you will be able to immediately find out all the details.

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Information about payment methods

When the addressee gets acquainted with all the details of the electronic document, he will definitely want to know about the possible payment options. If your company accepts payments in several ways, you should list all of them including credit card, bank transfer or other. This will enable the recipient of the letter to choose the best solution for himself and transfer funds to your account faster.

Clear amount

When creating an electronic invoice, it is worth checking whether the amount to be paid is indicated in it. This element of the document is as important as the term and account for making the transfer. Perhaps the addressee himself knows the exact amount. However, the invoice will be incomplete without this information. In addition, indicating the amount will help to identify possible disagreements with the recipient in this aspect.

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What should an invoice email consist of?

When creating an invoice to be sent via e-mail, it is worth remembering the format of the message itself. It provides the subject, content, and address of the recipient. Therefore, you need to take care that all the fields are filled in properly.

Create a topic

When creating an e-mail with an invoice, be sure to write a subject in it. It’s the first thing people notice when they receive mail. In this case, you should directly indicate the name of the document you are sending. This will allow you to immediately understand what the message is about and not lose it. Here are some examples:

  • Invoice, number, and the phrase “Thank you for timely payment of the invoice!”;
  • Company name and invoice;
  • Number, invoice, and company name.

You can try other combinations, depending on the specifics of the payment.

Completing an e-mail

This is the main part, in which you need to lay out all the details of the appeal as succinctly and easily as possible. It should contain data about the sender, purchased goods/services provided, terms, contact details, and other important information. In addition, you need to attach the invoice itself as an attachment.

Final part

It is placed after the presentation of all the details of the invoice. Here you can enter contact information, certain wishes, or thanks. Additionally, you can put your own signature containing elements of the brand style. In any case, the final part should be designed so that the recipient has a pleasant impression.

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What to consider when creating an effective invoice email?

When you decide to send an electronic invoice, you should not forget that it is still a letter. It’s a letter, so it should reach real and relevant people, that’s why email validation is an essential element to care for. This means that it is not necessary to focus only on financial information but to take into account additional factors. Here are some effective tips to keep the balance and improve the effectiveness of the message.

Friendly attitude

Although the content of the e-mail is information of an official nature, it is worth using simple language and paying attention to certain points. This allows you to personalize the letter and evoke pleasant emotions in the addressee. For example, you can offer a choice of several payment methods, wish you a nice day, or express gratitude for contacting your company.

Professionalism and courtesy

Everyone likes to be treated with courtesy and respect. You should not forget about this when you send an invoice by e-mail. For example, to show attention to the recipient of the letter, it is worth adding his name to the address. In addition, you should not persistently indicate the date and time of payment. The best solution would be to thank you for the payment as soon as possible.

Maximum simplification of the payment procedure

If you want to receive payment faster, you need to simplify the payment process for the addressee. To do this, it is worth telling in detail about the methods and possibilities for transferring funds. If necessary, give short recommendations for each method. In addition, it is necessary to specify details or other data for payment.

Definition of conditions

A separate but small item should describe possible fines or other sanctions for late payment. There is no need to describe them in detail, as this will only repel the recipient. It is better to mention this information after setting out the main requirements, at the end of the text of the letter.

What template to use to create an invoice email?

To better understand what an emailed invoice is, here are some common templates to consider. If you need a general format invoice, you can use the following structure:

  • Appeal. You can write: “Hello, customer name!” or “Hello, customer name!”.
  • Text part. Here you can say thank you for the purchase of the product/use of services and then enter the invoice number. In addition, in this part, you can indicate the possibility of appeal in case of questions.
  • Information about your company. Here you can specify branding elements, contact details, and other additional data.

After that, you should add the account number of the invoice, the amount, as well as the deadline for payment. End the letter with good wishes or thanks for the timely payment.


Summarizing the above material, it is worth starting with statistics. Research presented on Online invoices indicates the high efficiency of sending invoices in electronic format. It is about the fact that companies using automated technologies receive about 33% of financial transactions on time. Given this data, it is worth paying special attention to the creation of e-mails with invoices.

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