Invoice on the Go: Everything you need to know


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March 7, 2024

Mobile technology has made issuing an invoice an easier process than ever before. Now business owners can create and send invoices on the go, wherever they are.

As a small business owner, you face a variety of unique challenges every day. Perhaps the biggest one is making sure you have enough funding to keep your business healthy and growing.

You’re not alone in that concern. In fact, many entrepreneurs identify poor cash flow as a major reason why startups fail.

Issuing timely invoices and staying up to date on outstanding payments can help you stay on top of the cash flow problem. If you can send out invoices while you’re out of the office and taking care of other tasks, that’s even better.

Read on to learn how to issue an invoice while you’re on the go.

Why you should Consider Invoice on the Go?

Think about it: How often are you at your desk? When you’re running a small business, your work tends to travel with you.

That’s the biggest pro when it comes to using mobile technology to create your invoices. You can issue an invoice while you’re traveling, running errands, or buying supplies.

Mobile invoicing offers a host of other benefits, too. You can use simple iPhone invoicing app or the Android invoice app to generate invoices on your mobile phone.

Create an invoice on the go

1. Saves You Precious Time

It’s said that when you own a business, you never really stop working. With all of the other responsibilities you have to juggle, automating your invoicing process can take a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Instead of wrestling with your computer when it comes time to bill, you can simply open an app and tap a button. Your client receives your invoice instantly and you can go about your busy day.

You can also automate this process so your invoices always go out on time.

2. Gets You Paid Faster

Managing cash flow is a necessary but arduous task for every business. You need to be sure you’re bringing in enough cash to keep your lights on and your staff paid.

Mobile invoicing apps can really help with this process. When you make the switch, you’ll be able to see where your business stands at any given moment. You can track your expenses and check which clients are overdue on their payments.

Many mobile accounting apps (e.g. Billdu) also give clients an easy pay option. That means the moment they open your invoice, they can simply tap a button and bring their account up to date.

3. Paperless

Sending paper invoices through traditional mail can take a lot of time, and there is an increased risk for losing them in the process. It could take several days for the invoice to reach your customers, if it reaches them at all. Your customers may accidentally toss them aside when they get them because they don’t know what they are.

When you make a quick invoice through a mobile app like the one Billdu offers, you can send invoices as soon as you complete the job. By using professional invoices, they will look great and contain all the necessary elements. The invoice goes straight from your phone directly to the email address the client provided you. You can also include a read receipt to confirm that they got it straight away.

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4. Makes Sure Every Payment Happens Securely

When you use a mobile app for your invoicing, you are providing your clients with a secure environment to enter their payment information.

They don’t have to worry that their check might not make it to its destination or offer their credit card information over the phone. Each payment happens quickly and securely online.

5. Lets You Grow Your Business

When you streamline your invoicing process, you can free yourself up for other things. You can focus on vetting new talent to add to your team, refreshing your brand image, or staking out new investors.

After all, any task you can automate gives you more leeway to chase down the dream that inspired you to found your business in the first place.

How to Issue an Invoice on the Go?

Mobile invoicing managmenet

– Re-Evaluate Your Billing Practices

Mobile invoicing can certainly help alleviate cash flow problems, but if you have fundamental problems with your billing schedule, you’ll have to make some adjustments.

First, look at your invoice payment terms. If you’re stuck on a 30-day cycle, you are needlessly lengthening the time it takes to get paid. Consider switching to a weekly or bi-weekly schedule instead.

It also matters what time you send your invoices to your clients. If your invoice goes out when your client is facing a clogged inbox, they are more likely to forget about it or miss seeing it altogether.

Studies show that messages sent on Tuesdays around lunchtime are more likely to be opened.

Finally, avoid extending credit to clients. If you have a long-term client who has fallen on tough times, at least request a deposit to cover some of your up front costs.

– Choose Your Software

Now that you have your billing practices streamlined, it’s time to choose the best invoicing software so you can fully embrace the advantages of invoices on the go.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to accounting software. You may have some comparison shopping ahead of you, but it’s well worth it to take the time and decide on the right choice for your business.

When you compare your choices, look for an option that lets you integrate all aspects of your accounting on one platform. Look for software that lets you:

Overall, you need software that makes it easy to issue an invoice no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Billdu let’s you do that and you’ll be creating invoices on the go. Literally.

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– Let Your Clients Know

If you’ve been emailing invoices to your clients—or keeping it old school on paper—you need to give them a heads up that your system is about to change. It’s a good time to let them know about any billing policy changes, too.

Reach out to let them know what to expect going forward. It might help to provide a brief tutorial going over what they’ll see on your new mobile invoices and how they can pay.

Most mobile invoicing services are intuitive enough that your clients can figure out how to navigate your new system. Just in case, make yourself available to answer any questions they have.

Be sure you tell them how mobile invoicing will save them time, too.

Also, head straight to our follow-up article with more details on generating invoices on the go.

How to choose the Best Mobile Invoicing App on the go?

Best Mobile Invoicing apps

Choosing the right mobile invoicing app involves insight into company operations and research into which products best meet staff needs.

Gaining insight will come from owners and staff going over important questions about the company, how it does business, and the methods by which they process invoices.

Some questions that should come up include:

  1. How often will the owner or staff conduct business in the field?
  2. Do field and remote business often involve concluding sales?
  3. What is the volume of invoices in a given week or month?
  4. Could competitors who adopt mobile invoicing app use gain a substantial advantage in reduced costs and heightened efficiencies over this company?
  5. Does the company already invest too many limited resources into the invoicing process?
  6. Could a mobile invoicing app and all of its features save significant time and money over current processes?

These and other questions will help the leadership team to determine if they need a mobile invoicing app. Getting down to specifics can also narrow the field of possibilities when it comes to selecting the best app.

Each has its own list of features designed to support its clients’ invoicing and other operations.

Different apps will work best with different companies. The key question is, which app will best suit the widest variety of operations and will also grow along with the business.

What are the Best Mobile Invoicing Apps according to Experts?

According to financial experts, a selection of invoicing apps has been curated specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers, ensuring they have the best tools at their disposal for efficient financial management.

Invoicing App

App Store Rating

Free Trial



4.8 out of 5 (18.3K)

30 days

$3.99 – 16.99


4.7 out of 5 (46.3K)

30 days

$5.99 – 39.99


4.8 out of 5 (122K)

30 days

$6.99 – 19.99


4.7 out of 5 (8K)

14 days

$69.00 – 349.00

1. Billdu

Billdu stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust features that cater to the needs of modern businesses. It simplifies the invoicing process, allowing users to create professional invoices in just a few clicks. Billdu also offers additional functionalities like expense tracking and financial reporting, making it a comprehensive tool for business management.

The software is adept at creating not just invoices but also quotes, estimates, purchase orders, and delivery notes. This multifunctionality makes Billdu a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to manage a wide range of financial documents in one place, enhancing overall efficiency and organization.

mobile invoicing app

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2. Invoice2Go

Invoice2Go is another excellent choice, favored for its simplicity and effectiveness. It enables users to create customized invoices that reflect their brand, enhancing their professionalism. The app also provides insights into business performance, helping users make informed decisions based on their financial data.

invoice2go mobile invoicing app

3. InvoiceSimple

InvoiceSimple lives up to its name by offering a straightforward invoicing solution. Ideal for freelancers and small business owners looking for a no-fuss app, it provides essential features that make sending invoices and managing payments a breeze, ensuring a smooth and efficient billing process.

Explore alternatives to Invoice Simple for diverse invoicing solutions tailored to your business requirements.

InvoiceSimple mobile invoicing app

4. Jobber

Jobber’s invoicing app streamlines the billing process for service-oriented businesses such as landscapers, cleaners, plumbers, and electricians. It facilitates quick and professional invoice creation and dispatch directly from the field. The app offers features like automatic reminders, online payment capabilities, and real-time tracking of invoice statuses, helping businesses enhance cash flow and minimize administrative duties.

Its intuitive design ensures seamless management of financial transactions, making it a prime choice for businesses aiming to refine their invoicing practices.

Jobber mobile invoicing appHow Can You Start Mobile Invoicing Using Billdu?

While a number of mobile invoicing apps rated highly, Billdu received a top rating from App store or Google play.

Called a “highly modern invoicing tool for freelancers and small companies,” Billdu met a number of important benchmarks for performance excellence.

First, Billdu offers excellent versatility in terms of device types through which users can operate it. This includes both Android and Apple mobile devices, allowing users to operate the app anywhere.

Capabilities and supporting features include an easy to use dashboard that clearly displays features and options. Billdu also has a document management feature that keeps track of purchase orders, delivery notes, estimates, and the entire range of standard invoice types.

The “Pay Now” option offers significant convenience for both users and customers alike. It automatically will take a credit or debit card as payment. This eliminates the need to set up an ACH withdrawal or for the customer to execute a wire transfer. Paying the bill is as easy as a click of a button.

Information can be sent in a variety of file formats, including PDF, CSV, XLF, and many other types.

Other features set Billdu completely apart from the competition. Its ability to effortlessly use 16 different languages makes it optimal for international business applications. Additionally, it provides a means by which to set up a personalized business page within the system.

Billdu even offers all who visit their site an invoice generator for Australia for no cost. It works like spreadsheet and word processing program templates, but with more features and enhanced sophistication.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Mobile Invoicing App?

A mobile invoicing app is a software tool designed for smartphones and tablets that enables users to create, send, and manage invoices from anywhere, offering the convenience of conducting billing and financial transactions on the go. This type of app is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who need to issue invoices while away from the office, ensuring that their financial operations can continue seamlessly, no matter their location.

What a Mobile Invoicing App Does?

Mobile invoicing represents one of the simplest and most efficient ways for a business to get payment from its customers and/or clients. The business owner or accounts receivable staff use a mobile app to send out invoices. When the client or customer receives the invoice, they click 'pay' and settle the bill online using the payment solution.

What are Mobile Invoices?

Mobile invoices are digital invoices created and sent through mobile invoicing applications, enabling businesses and freelancers to bill clients directly from smartphones or tablets. This mobile invoicing process allows for immediate invoicing on job completion, enhancing efficiency and speeding up the payment cycle. The convenience of mobile invoices lies in their ability to facilitate financial transactions anywhere, anytime, without the need for traditional paper-based invoicing systems.

How to Accept Mobile Invoices?

Accepting mobile invoices involves a few straightforward steps, ensuring that you can efficiently manage payments and maintain your financial records up to date:

  1. Choose a Payment Platform: Select a reliable mobile payment platform or gateway that integrates with the invoicing app used by your business or your suppliers. This platform should offer secure transaction capabilities and support various payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and online payment systems like PayPal.

  2. Set Up Payment Processing: Configure your chosen payment platform to accept payments. This might involve setting up a merchant account, linking your business bank account, and ensuring compliance with any necessary security standards to protect financial data.

  3. Instruct Suppliers or Clients: Inform your suppliers or clients about the accepted payment methods and any necessary details they might need to include in their mobile invoices, such as specific payment terms, a purchase order number, or a reference code.

  4. Receive and Review Invoices: Upon receiving a mobile invoice, review it for accuracy, including the details of the goods or services provided, the total amount due, and the payment due date. Ensure that the invoice meets all your business's requirements and compliances.

  5. Process Payment: Approve the invoice for payment within the agreed terms. Use your mobile payment platform to complete the transaction securely. Ensure to keep records of the transaction for accounting and tax purposes.

  6. Confirmation and Receipt: After making the payment, you should receive a confirmation from your payment platform. In addition, request or ensure you receive a payment receipt or acknowledgment from the supplier or client, confirming the successful transaction.

By following these steps, you can smoothly integrate mobile invoices into your financial workflows, benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of digital transactions.

What are Benefits of Mobile Invoicing?

Mobile invoicing offers several key benefits, including improved efficiency by enabling on-the-spot invoicing, reducing the time from service delivery to payment request. It enhances convenience by allowing businesses to manage invoicing and payments from any location, fostering greater flexibility in operations.

Immediate Payment Options

Billdu's best invoice app allows you to quickly and easily add an instant payment button right to the invoice itself. Your clients can pay their invoice right from their PC or smartphone, and the payment will come directly to you. It works to streamline your entire payment process. It also allows your client to pay their invoices in a far shorter time span than if they had to wait for a paper bill, write out a check or money order, and send it back to you in the mail.

Easy and Fast Reminders

Once you create an invoice, you can set payment reminders if your customers don't pay their invoices within a set period of time. This schedule lets you set your reminders and forget them so you won't have to worry about constantly chasing your customers for payment.

You can set a reminder for when the payment is coming up, when it's due, and when it's officially late. You're free to focus on running your business and booking more work while the invoice works for you.

Easier Payments for Your Clients

The "Pay Now" button on your invoices allows you to accept instant payments without the need for your clients to transfer the money from their bank account. If you would use a traditional invoicing system, thus send paper or electronic invoices without the Pay now button, your clients would need to do the wire transfer manually each time, which would be time consuming and prone to error. The "Pay Now" option lets your clients pay with their credit or debit cards, and the money funnels directly into whichever account you have set up. You can also confirm the payment right away.

Create Quotes and Estimates

You can quickly and easily create estimates for how much money you'd charge your clients for performing a particular service. These estimates go into a quote, and you send this quote to your client. If you sell items, your quote will list the prices the customer would pay for the items in question.

Quotes and estimates help to build trust between your business and any potential clients because it adds to your business's transparency. It sets up written terms so that both your client and your business know what to expect from one another. Being able to quickly create quotes and estimates with a quick invoice increases the chances that your customers will use your services instead of moving on to someone else.

Recurring Invoices

Often underestimated, recurring invoices represent the chance for you to not only save time to create and send them every week or every month but also reduce the number of errors that can originate by manually generating them repetitively.


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