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Generating a custom invoice with Billdu takes mere moments. Just fill in the required fields, including your and your client's business details, the issue and delivery date, the items and price, tax rate, and invoice number. Then, spice up the invoice with a logo or colorful template, and email it to a client straightaway or download the PDF completely free.


1. Your Business Details: Clarify who's issuing the invoice.
2. Client's Business Details: Clarify to who the invoice is addressed.
3. Invoice Number: Helps with cataloging invoices for both you and your customer. Don't forget to add ABN number if applicable.
4. Issue & Delivery Date: Clarify when the invoice was issued and when the product or service was delivered.
5. Item & Price: Detail the product or service supplied, number, and price.
6. Tax Rate: If applicable, make sure to include this to clarify how much tax the customer is paying and avoid paying for it yourself. Note that under some circumstances you're obliged to pay GST in Australia.


7. Invoice Template & Color: Customize your invoice to create a professional and unique design your clients' can automatically associate with you.
8. Logo: Add your company logo to add to your invoice's professionalism and boost brand recognition.
9. Note: Attach any relevant notes regarding the products, services, payment, or just the invoice itself.

How to make a invoice with Free online invoice generator Australia

Everything You Need To Know About Invoicing In Australia

Some Australian businesses must charge a Goods and Service Tax (GST) of 10%. Find out if you have the same obligation and learn more about GST in general below.

GST & non-GST businesses:

When invoicing in Australia, different rules apply for non-GST-registered and GST-registered businesses. If you're business that is not registered for GST, you send standard invoices. On the other hand, if you're GST-registered business, you send tax invoices to your clients. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) defines six reasons for mandatory registration for GST.

In that case, you have to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and display it on your invoices especially related to sales of $82.50 (including GST) or more. There are several things that must be displayed on invoice in Australia - the word "Tax invoice", your and your client's details, your ABN, items sold with respective quantity and price, invoice issue date and GST amount payable.

The standard payment term in Australia is 30 days, but it can differ from business to business. It's usually upon both parties and their initial agreement. It must be agreed upon beforehand to ensure smooth financial transactions.


Value added tax (VAT) in Australia is defined as Goods and Service Tax (GST) and for many cases it's 10%. There can be other taxes for individuals that are usually based on income.

Every Australian business needs to lodge an annual tax return, stating all your income and expenses for the previous financial year. A financial year starts on 01 July and finishes on 30 June next year.

If you register for GST, whether it is a voluntary or mandatory registration, you will be required to lodge your quarterly Business Activity Statements (BAS).

Templates you can create with free online invoice generator

Are you tired of the simple old black-on-white invoices? Take advantage of Billdu's invoice maker, automatically generate professional Australian invoices and dazzle your client's with 5 stunning templates in every color. You can create your custom design directly in our invoice maker by clicking the corresponding Color and Template buttons in the top bar.

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Stripe template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

downloadable invoice template example Australia

Classic template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

fillable invoice sample for Australia

Modern template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

simple invoice template layout for Australia

Simple template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

Create invoices for free with online invoice generator


Like what you see so far? Consider giving the Billdu app a try. Our free invoice generator lets you quickly and easily create and customize invoices, but its capabilities beyond that are limited.

On the other hand, the Billdu app does not only save your settings, template presets, and business details for you and your clients to help you generate invoices faster, but it also offers a variety of other helpful features for small businesses.

Thanks to its intuitive, cloud-based design, Billdu works across all devices, including desktops, iOS, and Android. Generate documents like invoices and estimates on the fly, notify your clients with payment reminders and get paid on time, enable online payments to make it convenient for your clients. Access your expense reports anytime, free your hands by inviting an accountant to your business and save the time with recurring invoices.

Give your business what it needs and focus on what matters.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, detailing the goods or services provided with their corresponding costs. It serves as a formal request for payment, specifying the terms and conditions of the transaction. Generally, an invoice acts as a record of the sale and helps facilitate the payment process between the parties involved.

What is a tax invoice?

A tax invoice in Australia is a formal document that is provided by seller to a buyer. It contains details about the sale, detailing the goods or services provided, the total amount, and the GST (Goods and Services Tax). The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires businesses registered for GST to provide a tax invoice for sales of more than $82.50 (including GST). Tax invoice must include specific information such as the seller's personal details and Australian Business Number (ABN), issue and delivery date, items and their description, and the GST amount.

What is a proforma invoice?

A proforma invoice works as a preliminary bill document. It's sent to customer before the goods or services are delivered. It contains all the important information such as items and quantity, descriptions of items, prices and other terms and conditions. Unlike the regular invoice, proforma invoice gives an estimation or request for payment and it's not legally binding. On the other hand, once goods and services are delivered, regular invoice is sent that serves as a request for payment.

A proforma invoice is like a preliminary bill of sale. It's sent to buyers before a sale is finalized or before the goods are delivered. It gives a detailed preview of what the purchase will include, such as the types and quantities of items, their prices, and other important sale terms. However, unlike a final invoice, a proforma invoice is not a demand for payment. Instead, it's often used to give buyers an estimate of the cost for budgeting purposes or to complete customs documentation for international shipping.

How to make an invoice?

Creating an invoice with Billdu's online invoice generator is simple and efficient. You can select from pre-designed templates, choose your preferred colour scheme, add your company logo and signature, and fill out the relevant details. Additionally, you can write some relevant information in "Note" section. The result is a professional-looking invoice that accurately reflects your business and helps to streamline your accounting process.

How to send an invoice?

After you created your invoice in our Free online invoice generator, you can easily send it to your clients right away by filling out your client's email and hitting "Send" button. Additionally, you can attach other important files that can be relevant for your client. If you wish to generate your document first, save it to your computer for additional edits, you can do it so by clicking on "Generate document".

What is an invoice number?

An invoice number, also known as invoice ID, is a unique identifier that has to be included in each invoice. It helps businesses track and manage financial transactions by providing a reference number for each invoice. There are several ways how to generate invoice number - you can do it manually based on your company's needs or have it generated automatically by invoice software.

It typically consists of letters, numbers, or combined. Each business has to choose the format that suits them the best and can be easily tracked in the financial records.

When invoicing in Australia, you may encounter ABN (Australian Business Number) that it's essential for some type of business.

Can I change the currency?

Yes, of course. With our free online invoice generator, you can effortlessly switch currencies and language to tailor your preferences. Simply adjust the settings, and you're all set!

is invoice generator safe?

When using our Free online invoice generator you can trust that your data is safe with us. Your sensitive information is stored securely on our servers, which we keep secure with regular updates and monitoring. Our credit note generator complies with all the latest privacy regulations, so you can have peace of mind knowing your information is in good hands.

Is invoice maker free?

Yes, our Free online invoice generator is completely free of charge and you can either send your created invoice directly to your client via an email or generate it as a PDF document. If you decide to register and use all Billdu's features, you can select a plan starting from $3.99 which will enable you to create an unlimited number of invoices, add payment reminders, use online payments and much more.

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