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Generating a custom invoice with Billdu takes mere moments. Just fill in the required fields, including your and your client's business details, the issue and delivery date, the items and price, tax rate, and invoice number. Then, spice up the invoice with a logo or colorful template, and email it to a client straightaway or download the PDF completely free.


1. Your Business Details: Clarify who's issuing the invoice.
2. Client's Business Details: Clarify to who the invoice is addressed.
3. Issue & Delivery Date: Clarify when the invoice was issued and when the product or service was delivered.
4. Item & Price: Detail the product or service supplied, number, and price.
5. Tax Rate: If applicable, make sure to include this to clarify how much tax the customer is paying and avoid paying for it yourself.
6. Invoice Number: Helps with cataloging invoices for both you and your customer.


7. Invoice Template & Color: Customize your invoice to create a professional and unique design your clients' can automatically associate with you.
8. Logo: Add your company logo to add to your invoice's professionalism and boost brand recognition.
9. Note: Attach any relevant notes regarding the products, services, payment, or just the invoice itself.

Billdu Online invoice generator create invoices for free

Templates you can create with free online invoice generator

Are you tired of the simple old black-on-white invoices? Take advantage of Billdu's invoice maker, automatically generate professional Australian invoices and dazzle your client's with 5 stunning templates in every (and more) color of the rainbow. You can create your custom design directly in our invoice maker by clicking the corresponding Color and Template buttons in the top bar.

NZ invoice template 1

Stripe template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

UK invoice template 2

Classic template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

Australia Invoice template

Modern template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

general invoice template

Simple template

Download the template example in Word, Excel or Google Sheet

More free invoice templates

Have you not found your desired template? We have more free templates in our Free Creator.

Best practices when creating an invoice

When is the best time to send an invoice? - The earlier you send it, the faster you will get paid. The best time to send an invoice is right after you completed your project or provided service for your client. Deciding on how to send an invoice also plays an important role in your business. You can send your invoice by an email, or through invoicing software where you can list all your clients and make your processes smoother.

How can I get paid on invoices faster? - Getting paid on invoices faster is a typical goal for businesses to maintain a healthy cash flow. Here are some common ways how you can do it:

- Clearly communicate payment terms on your invoices
- Always state specific due date for your invoice 
- Send invoices right after you deliver your service
- If possible, set automatic payment reminders to notify your client about due invoice
- Implement penalties for late payments.

Are there different types of invoices? - there are many types of invoices depending on the nature of the industry such as sales invoice, e-commerce invoice, freelance invoice, profession invoice, subscription invoice, credit invoice, proforma invoice and many more. When discussing types of invoices, it's important to point out difference between a purchase order and an invoice. The key distinction lies in the timing and purpose of these documents within a business transaction. Purchase order is an initial document sent by a buyer to seller requesting specific products or services. Invoice is issued by a seller to buyer afterwards, requesting payment for this order.

How will someone pay my invoice? - The payment process for an invoice can vary depending on the arrangements made between you and your client. Terms & conditions for the payment is an important part that should appear on every invoice that you send. The most popular methods are bank transfer or payment via credit card. Also, a common way how to obtain money is through online payments such as Stripe or Paypal. Whatever method you will use, always make sure that you state invoice due date to avoid late payments or unpaid invoices.

Do invoices need to be signed? -
No, invoices do not need to be signed by both parties to be legally binding. They are primarily used as a record of the transaction, detailing the goods or services provided, the agreed-upon price, and any terms and conditions. While signatures are not a strict requirement for the validity of an invoice, some businesses may choose to include a signature line or request a signed confirmation to serve as an extra layer of acknowledgment.

What are the benefits of using the invoice generator? - Our invoice generator is completely free and designed for creating invoices in a simple and effective way. You don't have to build your invoice from the scratch. Choose one of our templates, language, colours and start by filling out all the missing fields. Then, you can send your document directly to your client or download it in a PDF format.

Why is it important to add due date on the invoice? - adding due date is an important part when creating an invoice. It serves as a prompt for client's payment and set a clear expectation on when the payment should be done. Having due date on the invoice may be beneficial in the event of a payment dispute.

Create invoices for free with online invoice generator


Like what you see so far? Consider giving the Billdu app a try. Our free invoice generator lets you quickly and easily create and customize invoices, but its capabilities beyond that are limited.

On the other hand, the Billdu app does not only save your settings, template presets, and business details for you and your clients to help you generate invoices faster, but it also offers a variety of other helpful features for small businesses.

Thanks to its intuitive, cloud-based design, Billdu works across all devices, including desktops, iOS, and Android. Generate documents like invoices and estimates on the fly, notify your clients with payment reminders and get paid on time, enable online payments to make it convenient for your clients. Access your expense reports anytime, free your hands by inviting an accountant to your business and save the time with recurring invoices.

Give your business what it needs and focus on what matters.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, detailing the goods or services provided with their corresponding costs. If you're asking what should a professional invoice look like, you have to make sure that you include all needed details that such a document requires. Start by adding your invoice number, your business details and your client's ones, items, quantity and their costs, payment terms and additional notes.

How to make an invoice in our generator?

If you want to make an invoice, it's never been easier. Creating an invoice with Billdu's online invoice generator is simple and efficient. You can select from pre-designed templates, choose your preferred colour scheme, add your company logo and signature, and fill out the relevant details. Additionally, you can write some relevant information in "Note" section. The result is a professional-looking invoice that accurately reflects your business and helps to streamline your accounting process.

How to send an invoice?

After you created your invoice in our Free online invoice generator, you can easily send it to your clients right away by filling out your client's email and hitting "Send" button. Additionally, you can attach other important files that can be relevant for your client. If you wish to generate your document first, save it to your computer for additional edits, you can do it so by clicking on "Generate document".

What is an invoice number?

An invoice number, also known as invoice ID, is a unique identifier that has to be included in each invoice. It helps businesses track and manage financial transactions by providing a reference number for each invoice. There are several ways how to generate invoice number - you can do it manually based on your company's needs or have it generated automatically by invoice software.

It typically consists of letters, numbers, or combined. Each business has to choose the format that suits them the best and can be easily tracked in the financial records.

Can I change the currency?

Yes, of course. With our free online invoice generator, you can effortlessly switch currencies and language to tailor your preferences. Simply adjust the settings, and you're all set!

is invoice generator safe?

When using our Free online invoice generator you can trust that your data is safe with us. Your sensitive information is stored securely on our servers, which we keep secure with regular updates and monitoring. Our credit note generator complies with all the latest privacy regulations, so you can have peace of mind knowing your information is in good hands.

Is invoice maker free?

Yes, our Free online invoice generator is completely free of charge and you can either send your created invoice directly to your client via an email or generate it as a PDF document. If you decide to register and use all Billdu's features, you can select a plan starting from $3.99 which will enable you to create an unlimited number of invoices, add payment reminders, use online payments and much more.

Can I generate invoice for my industry?

Yes, you totally can. Whatever industry you're in, you can customize your template directly in our Free online invoice generator and tailor it to your business needs.

Alternatively, you can use our profession invoice templates where you can find useful information related to your profession and download templates in various formats such as Word, Excel or Google Sheet. Find many popular profession invoice templates such as Construction, Auto-repair, Consulting, Cleaning, Landscaping, Plumbing and many more.

Can I generate invoice by country?

Yes, you can do that. We prepared several invoice templates for countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada. Besides templates, you can read about all VAT-related details when invoicing in these countries.

All you need to do is to choose your preferred format (Word, Excel or Google Sheet), download it to your device and customize it.

Can I create invoices in different languages?

Yes, you can create invoices in various languages. Billdu online invoice generator works in several languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Slovak and Czech.

All of these invoice generators work the same way as the English version, and you can tailor your invoice to your needs based on a language and country you're issuing invoice to.

Do I have the option to add discounts to my invoices?

Yes, Billdu online invoice generator provides this option. Once you added all important details such as invoice number, your and your client's business details, items and price, you can add whatever percentage discount you wish.

Is there a way I can do invoicing on the go?

Yes, you can do all the invoicing on the go with Billdu invoicing app. You can create invoices, estimates, purchase orders and other documents from your pocket. With Billdu app you can get paid faster via online payments, set payment reminders for your clients, organize your expenses and many more. Try Billdu app today for free with 30-day trial.

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