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Stripe template

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Simple template

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What is typical for quote for contractors?

A contractor can be either person or company hired to perform a specific job or service for a client or customer. The price of job or service is usually calculated for a set fee or hourly rate.

Quote for contractors should include essential information such as clear description of the services provided and the amount quoted for each service, quote number, payment type, and all important dates.

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Frequently asked questions

How to create a quote template?

Creating quotes with Billdu is pretty simple. You can choose from our contractor quote templates and download it in your desired format. Alternatively, you can use our Free Quote Maker or use quote maker apps to create professional quotes in seconds.

But Billdu offers more than just quotes. Your business needs a variety of documents, so check out and try our Billdu Invoicing App for 30 days free, and create quotes, estimates, invoices, and more, whenever you need.

What is a price quote?

A price quote is a formal document that provides a specific, detailed cost estimate for a particular product or service. It is typically issued by a seller or service provider to a potential buyer or customer in response to a request for pricing information.


Quotes and invoices are practically the same content-wise, but the main difference is when they're issued. You send customers quotes at the beginning of a project, defining the price and service provided. Meanwhile, you issue invoices when the project's finished.

What features should be included in a great price quote template?

A great price quote template should include your company's logo and contact details, client information, an itemized list with quantities and unit prices, a breakdown of additional charges and total costs, clear payment terms, delivery date. It should feature a professional design consistent with your branding and an editable format for easy customization. Create your quote with our professional-looking quote templates or choose best quote maker app that will tailor your needs.

What is an independent contractor?

An independent contractor is a self-employed individual or service provider that works with clients on a contract basis for a set period. A contractor is part of a company but not a regular employee.

What does a contractor do?

Contractors can provide various services, including consulting and completing specific assignments. What, where, when, and how your work depends on the contract you create with your clients.

How to become a contractor

To become a contractor, you should find your niche, where you have extensive experience or skills, and identify the services you could offer clients. From there, you can create a portfolio of your work to help you connect with your potential clients. Then, establish a business entity, promote yourself, and deliver your best work for your clients.

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