Instant help

What is a free trial?

Once you sign up and create an account, you get a free trial with all features unlocked for 30 days. No payment required. Use all Billdu features to full extent.

How many clients can I save?

Every subscription contains a number of clients that are stored in your client list. The number of clients is the maximal amount of clients you can save and use in your account with your subscription.
The number of clients differs for subscriptions.

How many documents can I create?

Free - unlimited expenses
- unlimited invoices, expenses, credit notes and pro-forma invoices
Standard and Premium - all document types are unlimited (estimates/quotes, orders, delivery notes, etc.)

Older subscriptions (also recurring) bought before June 2021 have document limits. Starter 24 invoices p.a., Standard 300 invoices and other documents p.a.

What happens when I reach the client limit?

When reaching the client limit, the best options is to upgrade to a higher subscription plan. With our Premium subscription there's no limit on saved clients! Take a look here to learn more.

What shall I do when a subscription isn't working?

Send us a message or an email with a proof of  purchase (invoice from Apple or Google). We will activate your subscription ASAP.

Also check for the displayed message - maybe you've ran out of clients, documents or you try to create a document (quote, estimate) or use a feature beyond your current subscription.

Can I create estimates or quotes?

Yes! You can create or edit estimates and quotes with our Standard and Premium subscription.

If you have a Lite or a Starter subscription, you may consider an upgrade to be able to create estimates or quotes.

How do I upgrade?

You can upgrade to a higher subscription to use more Billdu benefits. Make sure to upgrade with the same service (Apple AppStore, Google Play Store) or contact our team which can reply to you with an upgrade link.
Take a look here to learn more about possible upgrades with Billdu.

Where do I find a bill for my subscription?
  • For subscriptions bought on your iPhone or iPad, you get a bill from Apple - click here.
    Learn more at Apple help.

  • For subscriptions bought on your Android device, you get a bill from Google - click here.
    Learn more at Google help.

  • For subscription bought on our website, click here or log in to our website and navigate to Settings - Subscription - Orders and invoices