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Credit note Word template

Looking for Word credit note template examples? Check our designs, choose the one that fits you the best, and create your delivery note.

The best Word credit note templates for your business

You do not need to spend time going through all the credit note templates available on the internet. We have created a free forms that you can easily edit or download to your computer. Select your preferred format and start using the template now.

free credit note template in word

Stripe template

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Classic template

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word credit note template sample

Modern template

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Simple template

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What is a credit note?

how is a credit note used

A credit note, or credit memo, is a legal financial document intended to inform a customer about their eligibility for a partial or full refund on a recently paid invoice. It's the direct opposite of a debit note, which instead of reimbursing costs, requests payment. Credit notes can offer reimbursement in the form of cash or store credit for future use.

There are several cases where you may need to issue a credit note. These include:

  • the customer returning products or rejecting services

  • the customer being overcharged on the original invoice

  • a mistake in price on the original invoice

  • products being damaged in transit or services failing to meet the terms of an agreement

recommended fields for a credit note

The credit note document format is necessary because invoices can't be legally changed or deleted following successful payment. Therefore, you can use credit notes to substitute issuing new invoices in cases like the ones outlined above. Furthermore, it will prevent you from running into issues with the tax office at the end of the fiscal year.

A credit note should include the following information:

  • the term “Credit Note”

  • issue date

  • credit note number (often identical to the associated invoice's number)

  • customer reference number

  • payment terms

  • company details (name, address, contact)

  • VAT (if the original invoice included it)

More credit note templates

Have you not found your desired template? We have more free templates in our Free Credit Note Generator. Create your document and download in PDF afterwards.

quick & easy tips for improving your word credit note

Do you want create professional Word credit notes? Be sure to implement some of these tips so you can impress your clients.

  • Enable variety of payments for your clients - make your credit notes easy to pay for, include option for electronic payment.

  • Make your credit notes personalized - create a personal touch with your client by personalizing each credit note as much as possible for each client.

  • Add all important dates - make sure you always state issue date and delivery date, most importantly include date when a credit note should be paid for.

  • Highlight important information - if there is something important that your client should be aware of, make sure to add it to the "Note" section.

  • Include your company logo and signature - try to make your credit notes easily recognizable by your clients, add your logo and signature that will guarantee originality of your credit note.

free credit note word template

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